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10 responses to “OUR STORY

  1. Duane, So glad you’re doing this. I can see what an effect Patricia Howell’s Herbal Studies class has had. Best wishes with all your herbal ventures!

  2. Duane, can’t wait to get to the market to purchase your herbs. I know from your classes I’ve taken that your herbs will be of high quality and can be trusted to be among the best. Will also try and make one of the tours at the farm. Your commitment and hard work toward helping others to have access and knowledge about maintaining good health, is much appreciated. Tene’ J.

  3. Thanks to Leah
    Look forward to reading your blog

  4. gregory harris

    do you have a phone number

  5. 4-20-14
    Do you have organic medicinal herbs?


  6. Good Morning! I hope this is the right company, I purchased tea from Stone Herbal back in ’08 for my husband who had Liver Cancer. He lived a lot longer because of this tea, actually 3 years and 7 months to be exact. I would like to purchase more tea if this is the right company. if you could respond that would be great! God Bless! The company was located in Hackensack MN.

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